Hoss is a shy quiet boy who lets his wife Sunny rule the roost. His favorite thing to do is put toys in his water bowl then get sad about it lol!
Lola is Sandy s sister and Blitzen s 2nd wife. She s the shiest of the 2 girls but Blitzen loves them both! Thank
Itsy is so fun and busy!!!! Seeks attention and always playing or doing something! This kid needs to lay off the caffeine!!! He loves to gives hugs and is just so fun and playful. Can be nippy at times, but not to hurt, just playful!
Babs is Cinnabun s wife And she thinks he hangs the moon. Very busy and playful girl! Favorite pastime is digging out her potty box for all the world to see lol!
Ms. Scarlett is the cutest girl. Very calm and loving and snuggly! She loves her husbun Kody and she s very quiet. Favorite pastime is digging out her potty box!